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Introducing RooTree Plus, the pinnacle of real-time analytics and performance optimization. Designed to redefine efficiency for businesses of all sizes, RooTree PLUS combines seamless performance tracking, dynamic sales leaderboards, and comprehensive, AI-driven insights. With a focus on saving time, money, and effort, our platform ensures that you're equipped with the autonomy to make rapid, informed decisions without dependency on external teams. Whether you're aiming to boost individual and team productivity, foster a competitive sales environment, or streamline your strategy with cutting-edge technology, RooTree PLUS is your ally. Experience the transformative power of real-time analytics and unlock the full potential of your team with RooTree Plus — where ambition meets achievement.

Precision Agent Analysis
Designed to redefine the sales performance optimization

Unleash the Power of Granular Insights for Unmatched Sales Excellence!

This allows managers to drill down into the granular details of agent-level activity, offering an unprecedented dive into the nuances of sales operations on the ground. With the sophisticated capability to perform agent team segregation and precise performance output marking, Precision Agent Analysis empowers leaders to pinpoint areas for improvement and fortify their strategies at the most fundamental level.

All-in-one suite

Our SaaS platforms are powerful alone but stronger together


Unleash the true potential of your data with our Realtime Enterprise Dashboards. Gain instant insights into your business.


Motivate your teams like never before with our Enterprise Rewards Distribution System. Transform your manual rewards processes.


Ask Questions, Reachout to your teams, business events, organizational activities, rewards & recognition & more ......

Integrated Sales Dashboard

Gain real-time insights into your dynamic workforce.

Nurture Leads

Create, profile, communicate, and engage prospective customers...

Know Your Earnings

Track business performance, commissions...

Business Analysis

Bring and analyze data across your business's sales..

Who is this for?

Unleash the full potential of your business with RooTree AI's Dynamic Decision Driver. This delivers seamless and real-time business performance & insights, revolutionizing your approach to understanding achievements and identifying opportunities.

Peak Performance Pulse: Real-Time Sales Leaderboard & Analytics

Maximize efficiency and foster a competitive spirit with RooTree AI's Peak Performance Pulse. This cutting-edge feature revolutionizes the way businesses track individual and team performance, offering real-time insights and a dynamic sales leaderboard.


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Don't Miss A Number

Don’t miss a number with our in-depth sales tracking feature. Gain unparalleled visibility into store-level activity, track product performance, and drive strategic business decisions with precision.

How it works?

Unlocking the power of our platform is simple. No Manual Intervention for your Business & Ops team, No Learning & No concerns over  discrepancy of dispersed and disconnected data. Here's how it works:


Data Collection

Seamlessly integrating your data sources into our platform. Whether it's sales data, customer information, or performance metrics, our platform aggregates it all in one place.


Standardization & Analytics

Next, our platform standardizes your data for consistency and accuracy. Now, it's time to dive into analysis. With pre-defined KPIs & Widgets, uncover insights, identify trends, and make informed decisions.


Strategic Decision-making

Armed with actionable insights, you're ready to make strategic decisions that drive your business forward. Whether it's optimizing sales strategies or maximizing ROI, our platform empowers you to succeed.

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Future Generali India Life Insurance Company Limited is a prominent life insurance provider in India, formed through a joint venture between the global insurance powerhouse Generali Group and India’s leading retailer Future Group*.

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* via Indian partner, Raincheck Networks Pvt Ltd

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