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Improve your business’s trajectory with our innovative data management strategies that go beyond just business intelligence & sales data analytics. Feel the excitement of discovering new ideas and grabbing possibilities for progress.

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Rootree Plus

Welcome to RooTree Plus, where the future of real-time data analytics and sales performance management comes to life. Crafted to revolutionize the way financial businesses operate, our platform stands as a beacon of efficiency for entities of every scale. At its core, RooTree Plus merges flawless performance monitoring, vibrant sales leaderboards, realtime sales dashboards, and in-depth insights. Dedicated to saving your Time, Cost, & Resources, we provide you with the tools needed to independently make swift and well-informed decisions, freeing you from the reliance on inconsistent & outdated data. Whether your goal is to elevate the productivity of your teams, cultivate a spirited competitive atmosphere in sales, or refine your operational tactics with the latest tech innovations, RooTree Plus is your steadfast partner.

"Where data transform into intelligence."

Dive into the era of Real-Time data analytics with RooTree Plus and unleash your team's true capabilities.

How RooTree Plus Assists Your Business?

Why Choose Us?

Discover the future of Sales Excellence with our cutting-edge Small and Medium  Enterprise-ready SaaS Solutions. RooTree AI revolutionizes how businesses interact with cloud-based platforms, offering unparalleled efficiency and insights.

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Benefits for Your Business

Embrace Scalable SaaS for Enterprises and unlock a new realm of possibilities. Our solutions are tailored to foster Efficient Business Operations, driving growth and profitability.

With RooTree AI, leverage the power of Small & Medium Enterprise SaaS for Financial Services, and more.

RooTree Analytic Inc team strategizing on data solutions for the finance and insurance industries.
Customer Success Stories

Our clients have experienced transformative success, leveraging RooTreeAI as their cornerstone for digital strategy.

Through our platform, businesses have gained critical insights, enhanced operational efficiency, and embarked on a journey of continuous improvement.

RooTree Analytic Inc's commitment to data security and innovative analytics in action.
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Ready to elevate your business with RooTree AI? Explore our comprehensive suite of Enterprise SaaS Solutions and join the ranks of successful enterprises harnessing the power of our cloud-based platform. Contact us today to embark on your path to digital excellence.

Custom CRM solutions by RooTree Analytic Inc for the insurance, lending, and mortgage sectors.


Why is real-time data access important for organizations?

Operational agility. In today’s fast-paced world, having access to real-time data is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. RootreeAI ensures that your organization’s decision-making is as immediate as the insights provided. This enables a more proactive and strategic approach to business challenges, eliminating the delays and limitations associated with conventional data analysis tools.

How does RootreeAI ensure data accuracy and integrity?

We adhere to strict data standardization and validation protocols to maintain the reliability and accuracy of the insights we provide. While the platform supports real-time informed decision-making, its audit trail helps review and validate the results as required.

What makes RootreeAI's approach to data analysis unique?

Beyond spreadsheets. While spreadsheets are useful for simple tasks, they cannot adequately support the continuous, collaborative, and complex data computation needs of modern organizations. RootreeAI transcends traditional data handling methods, providing a more efficient and effective solution for your data analysis requirements.

How does RootreeAI enhance sales performance?

Actionable Insights in real-time. That enables organizations to effectively track and boost sales activities, leading to higher sales excellence and performance.

Does RootreeAI offer rewards and recognition features?

Yes. we have uniquely designed Leaderboard & automation for rewards and recognition algorithms that empower dispersed teams across geographic regions to collaborate and engage with their data in real-time, fostering a cohesive and motivated workforce.

Is RootreeAI an inventory management solution?

NO. Our expertise lies in data analytics and management. We focus on enhancing sales and operational efficiency within financial and insurance sectors, rather than managing inventory.

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